Saskatoon Steam Dry Furnace & Duct Cleaning has been proudly serving its residential and commercial customers throughout Saskatoon and surrounding areas for nearly 30 years. Our highly trained team members utilize specially designed high powered truck-mounted units to clean carpets, upholstery, furnaces, and ducts.

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What you need to know about cleaning your vents!

How often should I clean my vent?

Every home is different but a good guideline is approximately every 2 years. Some homes may need a vent cleaning earlier due to other factors such as pets, excessive dust, recent renovations or sensitive allergies.

This is why we offer a FREE no-obligation video inspection before we proceed. Your comfort is our #1 priority. ​You should know that there is no required or scheduled time frame between vent cleanings.

However, they should definitely be cleaned after any renovations or water damage. Moving into a new home, noticing excessive dust levels or a household with a smoker are all reasons to qualify for an inspection. Newborns, children and people with breathing conditions are more sensitive to contaminants such as dust, mold, bacteria, and fungi.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Saskatoon Steam Dry Furnace & Duct Cleaning is here for all of your furnace, and duct cleaning needs. Our professional staff pride themselves in offering thorough service for every job. If you’re not completely satisfied with our work, we will come back at no cost to you. Don’t live with allergens or dusty indoor air in your home. Give us a call today!

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